We aim to be the leader on every area we function and closely track and address every improvement opportunity via continous evaluation of our products, employees and services.

We perform high quality service on urban transformations, construction and turn key projects. Our ownership, responsibility over our projects and high quality service objective makes us one of the main leading companies on our business area.

Our Quality
Our main objective is to bring out our best performance to fulfill our customers’ requirements with maximum efficiency.

Our Mission
We aim to be the first choice contract company in the geography we function.

Our Credibility

As Erme Engineering;
We aim to move the quality standards up on national and multinational scale. Our first preference of work is to build up consistent and long term relationships while running our projects. Every employee is value to us. Main base to execute Erme quality policy is our sustainable and credible team members.
We strongly rely on our team members who perform with high ownership. Inhouse trainings are key to our employees’ value.
Our objective is to sustain an improving trend with high quality projects through our motivated employees who have strong team spirit and committment to our company values.


Efficiency optimization and determination provides us to execute in excellence and continuous improvement; yet indispensable. Responsibility and process oriented management system will service as the main tool to be successful.

Compliance in Erme
As an emploPLACE we fullfil our responsibilties on compliance. We believe that quality focus on compliance minimizes the accident risk on working areas. Our construction sites are alwMONTHSs kept neat.
We pre assess the potential risks and take necessary, specific actions on the construction sites.

Besides high technological standards, Erme Engineering bases success on experienced, well-educated team members. Our employees with high team spirit are conscious and motivated on customer needs.

Capability and Motivation
Only satisfied employees can perform at their peak. Our base for success is our motivated and well educated employees.

Specific Solutions
We provide innovative and high quality solutions that are specific to the customer’s need via deep analysis on the customer expectations and requirements.

ERME’s Quality Policy is based on four main principles;

• Continuous improvement
• Use information and experience to produce the better
• Keep customer satisfaction at our peak
• Praise creatibility and create value

Processes that we execute our quality policy;

• Pre-projects and Project executions
• Engineering services
• Follow up on new Technologies
• Project budget management
• Field executions
• Compliance and employee health
• Tests and inclusions
• Employee trainings
• Repair and maintenance services

Within our quality services;
• Feasibilty on efficiency, need analysis to support the company’s technology and efficiency improvement
• Provide advantageous solutions to our customers through the whole journey; Project management to execution